Fox Point Community Garden

by Caroline Brown

Here are a few more pictures of Fox Point Community Garden. You can see it’s a pretty funky little garden. This is a picture of the “garden shed”–a misnomer that conjures up images of small wooden shacks–when this is actually a big concrete building with plenty of storage space.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many tomato cages in one place.

This next one is a long view of the garden from towards the north end. My plot is towards the back near the chain link fence.

Below is one of the two watering spigots–decked out with watering cans, it reminded me of a Christmas tree.

Last but not least is my favorite picture–it’s of the terrace at the very north end of the garden and our fox mascot. To the left of the fox–the brown bin with the white lid–is the bee box. The sign over it says, Bees–Do Not Disturb. No worries there. I’m glad my plot’s on the south end of the garden!


2 Comments to “Fox Point Community Garden”

  1. Love your gardens! What did you plant in yours?

  2. Bees!! We have 18 hives in our garden! We just love bees and their honey!

    I have a seed company and if I can do anything to help your endeavors in the way of seed let me know. I will gladly match any purchase from your members with the equal amount of free seed for your community garden. We want to help community gardens grow!

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