About EFG

Welcome to Earth Friendly Gardening, a blog about gardening, particularly sustainable gardening and more recently, permaculture. I’m interested in how gardening is related to nature and natural ecosystems, and the connection between people and earth, water, and sky. Here, I hope to share resources and information on how to garden in a more “earth-friendly” (sustainable) manner.

I also blog about nature, ecology, conservation, and agriculture. You’ll read about sustainable farming and living, local food, native and invasive plants, trees, the links between human and consumption and natural ecosystems, and other environmental and nature-related issues.

I hope you enjoy Earth Friendly Gardening! Visit often, and feel free to contact me at caroline [at] carolinebrown [dot] com if you have any suggestions or comments.

About Caroline Brown

Earth Friendly Gardening is written by Caroline Brown. I’m a freelance writer, rat race refugee, nature lover, and gardener who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with my husband and  cats.

I’m a Master Gardener-in-Training with the N.C. State University Cooperative Extension Program. Besides North Carolina, I’ve gardened in Colorado, California, and Rhode Island. Previously, I was a University of Rhode Island Master Gardener, URI Master Composter, RI Tree Council Tree Steward, and RI Rivers Council Watershed Steward.

All content on this site is copyright 2006-2011 by Caroline Brown / Earth Friendly Gardening.

10 Comments to “About EFG”

  1. Hi Caroline!

    Just wanted to let you know about my new organic gardening blog, Earthly Garden. Would you like to exchange links? Thanks!

    bobbi c.

  2. Hi Caroline. I am a seventh grader, my name is leila. I am doing a prject/ experiment and I was using this website as a souce. You have great information, but I was wondering what you are associated with, maybe a university. I need this for my works cited MLA format page on my report. If you could email me back with the answer that would be lovely! Thanks, Leila.

  3. Caroline,

    Great work – here’s something new to speak about – Hope you will contact me so we can have a longer chat.


    Best for the holidays

    Stu Nunnery
    RI FarmWays

  4. Hi Caroline,
    I’m a newbie blog bug, and I stumbled upon your blog while browsing blotanical. Looks like we have the same goals in sharing sustainable info with others, you on the east coast, and us on the west coast. It’s nice to meet other people with the same passions. Good luck in your endeavors!

  5. Hi Caroline!

    I just stumbled across your blog while doing a search for “organic grass seed”. I live in Warwick and am also learning about gardening, living lightly, and organics. This spring, I’m embarking on a square foot gardening experiment. I have two little ones, and although they’re only 2 & 3, I hope they’ll be a big help in the garden and yard this year. Good luck with your greenery this spring…can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  6. Hi Caroline,

    Great blog – you’ve gone to great detail in all your posts for great gardening tips. I have an ethical shoe blog too which may be of interest: http://www.ethical-earth-shoes.co.uk/

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Dear Caroline,
    I have been searching for the ornamental grass called Muhlenbergia capillaris. Any idea where I can find it in the West Palm Beach area, Florida.
    Thank-you, Susan

  8. What a lovely blog, I plan to do something this summer and stumble upon your blog.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. This is great !! i am a advanced mastergardener in Michigan. How are you doing? gardenerladydi@gmail.com

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