A new world’s tallest tree

by Caroline Brown

The New York Times reports today that researchers in California have discovered a new “world’s tallest tree.” Of course it’s a redwood, one of the most beautiful trees you could ever hope to see.

A redwood tree discovered in a remote California forest has turned out to be the world’s tallest tree, edging out one nearby that had been the titleholder. Prof. Steve Sillett of Humboldt State University said the record-setting tree, named Hyperion, was 379.1 feet tall, bettering the previous record holder, the 370.5-foot-tall Stratosphere Giant. Researchers exploring remote and rugged terrain this summer in the Redwood National and State Parks along California’s northernmost coast also discovered two other redwoods taller than the Stratosphere Giant, suggesting there had been many more massive ancient redwoods in the area, Professor Sillett said.

I’d like to see Hyperion in person sometime!

Photo courtesy of The Flower Essence Society.

20 Responses to “A new world’s tallest tree”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I still remember seeing the redwoods in CA many years ago, it was a sight to behold.

    I have seen the largest and oldest tree in our province of Sask. a stately poplar, but certainly not in the same ‘league’ as this mighty tree.

    BFN, G 🙂

  2. Wow – I guess Bob Van Pelt will need to update his index! 🙂


  3. Bob is probably busy sharpening his pencils as we speak!

  4. -wow i cant wait 2 see wat that looks like this summer =)

  5. Is it in Jed Smith state park? Hopefully it’s well hidden from the public view, interstates, etc. I can’t believe it’s almost ten feet over the Stratosphere Giant!

  6. Wow lovely picture! But I can’t see it clearly from the top view.Perhaps you coyld take a picture from the front view.

  7. Wow! This tree is truely wonderful. It looks like it will fall soon. Look at its condition, it’s rotting…..real shame. =(

    D.Smith, 13

  8. Older topic, but I’ll comment on any I encounter, since I read about redwoods a lot.

    Gina posted a question about Jedediah Smith redwoods.

    Hyperion is quite a ways south, at least an hour or more from Jed Smith redwoods.

    It’s the LARGEST that are in Jed Smith, like Lost Monarch – see:


    The largest redwoods, like Lost Monarch, Del Norte Titan or Illuvatar (Prairie Creek Atlas Grove), are like 4 times more massive than some of the tallest redwoods. A lot of tall redwoods are like skinny marathon athletes, and the largest are like slightly shorter football players or heavyweight boxers.

    They are all fine trees though.

  9. With help of a couple folks, I’ve narrowed the search for Hyperion down to a small area since my last post – POST #8 – with just a few more hours invested. I think I found the 2nd largest known redwood on the way down to scope-out the Hyperion “Fog Valley”. The mystery titan was up near 400 feet elevation.

    Just found out where Stratosphere Giant is within 400 to 1000 feet. Would like photos of it next time I go to the redwoods if I go farther south. Will keep adding images to the previous page link as I find the trees.

  10. wow~that~tree ~looks amazing

  11. i think the redwoods are asome

  12. do you have whole picture of this tree… I’m so amaze how big it is…

  13. That is one huge tree! Ive been to that part of California and see those trees, really is an amazing sight!

  14. The image above is not actually a photo of Hyperion; it is a Redwood tree on the FES property in Nevada County, CA.

  15. Redwood located in CA. Thanks for the info. Hope I could drop by there and at it myself.

  16. Wow !! Nearly 380 feet tall. That’s a football field including both end zones, then STILL almost 60 feet more. Amazing. I wonder, how anyone ever climbed up one of these trees ?

  17. W.O.W. ! I wonder how would I look like if I stand right before it. Aw, wanna take a picture with it. Great wonders of the earth.


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