Expensive chemical lawn service petrifies deer!

by Caroline Brown

Short post today–I'm out of the office for the rest of the day. My husband and I spotted this warning flag in a yard when we were on our daily walk. It's just not right to have to warn passersby and neighbors of chemical dangers from your lawn treatment.

As we passed their "yard art"–nearly as silly as the chemical warning flag–Curt joked, "Look what the chemicals did to the deer!"


5 Responses to “Expensive chemical lawn service petrifies deer!”


    And speaking of deer, do you know of any good remedies for keeping them away from a vegetable garden? Short of tying up shivers of Irish Spring soap into old pantyhose and hanging them all around? I could get Jason and David to pee around the garden daily, but what would the neighbors think?

  2. Hi Kim, have you tried a generous sprinkle of crushed cayenne around the edge of the garden? Don’t know if it works with deer but it does keep the cats and dogs off. What do you think Caroline, would this be a solution?

    I agree, this is hysterical, glad I stopped by.

    BFN, Geraldine 🙂

  3. hi ladies, I’ve heard that both of those solutions work wonders. The soap in pantyhose thing I guess if you don’t mind weird garden decorations, and also cayenne pepper. I’ve also heard to make a paste of red pepper and spread it on the plants you want to protect.

    Also deer supposedly hate garlic…I’ve heard to bury garlic pills (not the liquid ones) in a circle surrounding your garden. Garlic is the main ingredient in some commercial organic deer repellants. there is a spray called Liquid Fence http://www.liquidfence.com that was recommended to me by some of the nurseries. It is supposed to be a deer & rabbit repellant but they were recommending it to me for squirrels. The ingredients are garlic, potassium sorbate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. It worked on the squirrels!

    Oh one other thing I heard about but am not recommending for now (until I know more) is coyote pee. I heard that that you can buy it in a spray form and that it works wonders from another master gardener, but then I started wondering, where did they get the pee? I thought maybe it was cruel…do they keep them captive? Anyway maybe I’ll do some research and figure out where it comes from but for now garlic spray sounds much nicer.

  4. Hey thanks for all the great suggestions! We planted a garden last weekend and I hope to post pictures of it soon. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll look into Liquid Fence this afternoon. let me know about the coyote pee!!!


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