Plot 94

by Caroline Brown

I’m so excited because over the weekend I was offered a plot in a local community garden. I was waitlisted at three gardens and had pretty much given up hope of getting a plot this late in the game. But it turned out there were some openings at Foxpoint Community Garden, so I showed up this morning, plunked down $25 and claimed Plot 94, the most beautiful 8 ‘ x 4’ -ish patch of dirt that you ever did see.

For those of you that don’t know, my husband and I sold our house last summer and are temporarily living in an apartment with no yard or garden. I’ve been trying to get my gardening fix with houseplants and it’s not the same (although I do enjoy my beautiful bougainvillea). I’ve really been dreading the approaching summer with no garden to play in, so Plot 94 is a great joy to me.

This week I’ll put down some compost and do some planning, and buy some bamboo poles and any other supplies. I don’t exactly know what I’m going to plant yet….tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, just basic stuff I guess. I want some annuals too, so I can have have some flowers to tend to.

I wasn’t prepared for a day in the garden today…it was a fairly last minute notice and I didn’t know what to expect; I wasn’t wearing gardening clothes; and I didn’t have any tools or compost. Plus the weather was cool and drizzly. But all of a sudden there I was, just me and Plot 94, and I wanted to do something besides turn around and go home.There were some weeds–nothing serious, just a few. So I weeded–and it felt so good to get my hands dirty!


18 Comments to “Plot 94”

  1. Congrats on acquiring Plot 94 – I cant imagine not having some sort of garden to tend.

  2. I’m so glad you got your own space. A gardener needs a space to plunge in their spade and rake their soil and feel it beneath their fingers. Great for you. I found you on Blotanical.~~Dee

  3. Wow, that is exciting C! What will be even more terrif is seeing this little plot become a beautiful garden. I know you’ll turn it into one of those, in short order. πŸ˜‰

  4. Congratulations!!! It looks fabulous and promising already! Will you do a square-foot thing or rows, or climbers or what? Looking forward to hearing the updates. Yay you! Greetings from plot 78B…

  5. Caroline:

    That looks like great soil! If you ever need a full day of gardening, just email me and I will pick you up and bring you over and you can push a wheelbarrow full of compost, deadhead, and week to your heart’s content! LOL and glad you will be getting a gardening fix. Seriously, I have some tomato plants to share if you want some. My email is on my About page. Would love to share with a fellow RI’lander and blogger.

  6. Oh, and that would be ‘weed’, not week! Flying fingers make mistakes.

  7. Congratulations! I can’t imagine not having a plot of ground to work. When I was young, I lived in an apartment with a nice balcony, and I grew tomatoes and cucumbers tied up to the railings. Of course, I had lots of house plants, but it just wasn’t enough, so I dug up a piece of my mother’s back lawn and planted veggies. We ate off of them all summer. I wish we had community gardens here in the U.S. Maybe some communities do, but we’re so liability shy that we just don’t do it. Too many opportunities for someone to sue, I guess. I’d gladly rent out little plots in my yard.

    How much time does the $25 cover? I have an e-course on how to get free stuff for your garden.

    Enjoy your piece of earth! The great thing about plots that have been worked before is that they are usually very fertile.

  8. Congrats there C! A garden space is so important. I decided to enlarge my garden this year… taking up half of my tiny backyard that was mostly covered with terrible looking grass. Onwards and upwards! Trying out some soybeans this year… should be fun! Also… love the pics on your banner… I’ve been away from this site for too long. Is that a ladyslipper up there? Oh, and let me know if you ever want to trade gardening tending weekends this summer… it’s hard to get away for a beach weekend here in Rhode Island when your garden is at risk! lol.

  9. Plot 94. What a great title that would make for a blog!!! Perhaps you could make this a category on your blog – so relevant posts get tagged. We have just setup three 4×8 raised beds (oh the luxury), and I’m just about to make the same decisions as you… Hope we get some updates to Plot94!

  10. Just checking in C, how are things going? Do stop by when you can. G πŸ™‚

  11. Just doing some long-awaited catching up … congratulations on Plot 94! How wonderful that you got a plot. Now the excitement and seeding can begin. Ta da

  12. Congratulations!!! I’m sure you will get your gardening fix while working your plot!

    My neighbor helped me put up my portable greenhouse a couple days ago. I’m looking forward to growing some great organic veggies, too, and using them in cooking up some great dishes from Geraldine’s book!

  13. Congratulations on getting a plot. As a former community gardener, I remember how exciting it was to finally get off the waiting list and get a plot assignment. How fun to see you starting a new garden there. Enjoy!

  14. I was reading in my local paper about a woman who decided to open her own garden to people who are on waiting lists. She reckoned that she wasn’t much of a gardener so would allow other people to make use if it instead. She must be a genius!

  15. Oh that’s wonderful! I have dreams of my own allotment one day but that’s a long way in the future when the kid’s a bit older. I hope it brings you many happy hours!

  16. That’s great! Community gardening is such an asset in areas where space is tight! It’s a great way to bond with neighbors, grow some free veggies, and attract pollinators to ‘green pockets between the pavement.’ I’ll be checking in to see what you grow. πŸ™‚

  17. wow! so happy for you that you got the plot. finding a spot where to plant is really hard these days.

  18. I am glad you found it a great reference.

    Happy Gardening

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