Global warming legacy???

by Caroline Brown

I’ve been trying not to blog about politics but every now and then I succumb to the odd irresistible headline. Today’s NYT science blog, Dot Earth, headlines with this jewel that nearly made me choke on my tea: “President Appears to Seek a Warming Legacy.” (registration might be required for the NYT.)

Wait, wait….as in GLOBAL warming? Doesn’t he already have a global warming legacy? As the president who approached global warming discussions with hostility and distrust, as the world leader who backed out of the Kyoto Protocol, as the president who forced his government agencies to suppress science supporting climate change, as the president who said in a 2002 speech in Trenton, New Jersey: “We need an energy bill that encourages consumption” ?

THAT global warming legacy? Har har har HAR!!! I guess he’s gotten worried that his “Iraq legacy” isn’t looking so good so he’s going to try to be remembered for a positive “global warming legacy,” if that’s possible with less than a year left in his tenure. God help us all!!

5 Comments to “Global warming legacy???”

  1. Seriously, they said what? I cannot believe what I am reading. Warming legacy, I’ve got your warming legacy. I have to stop before I type something I can’t take back.


  2. According to one research the poorest people in the world’s poorest countries will suffer the earliest and the most from climate change, according to this year’s edition of the Environmental Review. The report says that, due to their geographical location, low incomes, and low institutional capacity, as well as their greater reliance on climate-sensitive sectors like agriculture, the poorest countries and people are suffering earliest and are poised to suffer most.

  3. OK, I am going to jump into this one realizing most will disagree with me.

    Global warming has been going on a long time. We tend to forget that 10,000 years ago the earth emerged from an ice age which covered most of North America with an ice sheet. The earth has been slowly warming since then, with periods when it cooled slightly and periods when it was warmer than now.

    About 1000 years ago it warmed enough for the Vikings to put colonies on Greenland which thrived for about 200 years or so. Greenland had a population of about 5000 people spread over three main colonies. Then it cooled again, and froze them out.

    The mini-ice age in the mid 1700’s caused food shortages, and major changes in the agriculture. This lasted about 150 years before the earth again started to warm.

    The earth’s climate has always changed. At the time of the dinosaurs it was warmer than it is now. And ice ages come which last thousands of years when the earth is covered with ice.

    Maybe the earth is warming. But it is very possible that we humans are not causing it. After all, we didn’t cause the warming that ended the last ice age.

    It is claimed by many that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere causes global warming. But human activity only releases around 3% of the total in a year. Oceans, marshes and forests release the remaining 97%.

    The climate of the earth has never been static, it has always been changing.

  4. I totally agree with all that has been said. He is just trying to look like he is doing something by taking a stance on a topic he knows nothing about

  5. its very complex to know about global warming

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