Second incarnation

by Caroline Brown

Remember how I was making fun of the amaryllis’s puny leaves? Look at them now that the blooms are gone….which, by the way, was kind of depressing to watch. As Curt put it, the flowers were really beautiful but they died a horrible death.

Now, however, I feel like the amaryllis is in its second incarnation. A little more boring, perhaps, than when it was in all its finery, but still inspiring as winter ever so s-l-o-o-o-o-w-l-y creeps to a close.


7 Comments to “Second incarnation”

  1. Those blooms do look awful as they die

  2. For little preschoolers, the dying flowers becomes a daily study just as the emerging buds were. I have ‘Sillouette’ which seems to soak up all the juices and nutrients from the flowering stem after the flower dies, leaving a dry husk that crumbles in my hands. We can see and record the progress of the flowers’ death day by day. Do other amaryllis do that? If so, I bet the large flowered ones are even more fascinating.

  3. A rebirth so to speak! Sad that the gorgeous blooms don’t last a bit longer though. 😦

  4. I’ve had an amaryllis for years that has never flowered. I’ve repotted it twice and now have four bulbs. Finally, this week one flower stalk is coming up. No flower yet but I have high hopes. However, it has leaves and has always had leaves. They never die down.

  5. Hi again C, Way off topic (hope that’s ok). Thought I’d let you and your readers know, my new poetry/photo blog, My Poetic Path is now a reality.

    I do hope many of you will stop in:

    Thanks C, for your continued support and letting me share some of your gorgeous photos too.

    BFN, Geraldine 🙂

  6. Hi Caroline,
    Good to find you here in the blogosphere . . . . what a great site! We’re going to plant our apple trees, strawberries and raspberries today here in Portland, Oregon. My gardening focus is increasingly on edibles — as part of practicing sustainability. . . . . and also for the joy of raising some food.

    Assuming you don’t mind, I’m going to add you to my blogroll. Please come visit if you like:

    best regards,
    Alison Wiley
    Portland, Oregon
    The Diamond-Cut Life

  7. Hi Caroline,

    I was thinking of you yesterday when pondering what was happening with my Amaryllis. Soon after the first stalk withered, a new one appeared and grew to about 6 inches. Since then, it has grown so slowly. The flower bud is developing, but I really wonder if it will bloom.

    Your Amaryllis was stunning … now it is a beautiful foliage plant. I like the pot too!

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