Weekend photoblogging: big snowstorm!

by Caroline Brown

It’s really coming down outside.

Piling up on branches.

Walking is pretty difficult.

Hope you all manage to stay toasty and dry this weekend.

8 Comments to “Weekend photoblogging: big snowstorm!”

  1. Your kitties look all warm and cozy.

  2. GORGEOUS photos Caroline!!! Send some snow this way ok, it’s all gone already, here in Interior BC. Yikes, waaaaaaaaaaay too early for brown instead of beautiful white.

    The kitties look lovely too.

    Happy Weekend, G 🙂

  3. Lovely photos Caroline. We are missing the snow here, hardly any on the ground and it’s only Feb.

    Your cats are so cute.

  4. I can only get parts of a few of the photos to download but the one with the cat is complete. Very nice.

    Alberta Postcards now at WordPress!
    Diane’s Flickr photos

  5. We’re still waiting for our snow. We’ve only had a couple of days snow in the whole of winter and not been snowed in once. Normally, we expected to be snowed in three or four times, for up to a week at a time.

    Not only have we had no snow, but there’s been very little rain either and out rain water tanks are running low. Very strange for NE Scotland in winter.

  6. Stonehead, hope you don’t have another water shortage. Our snow amounts are down too. We have had several heavy rain storms that “should be” what we call nor’easters….dumping snow but not rain. I’m trying to do my part and trying to ignore the obvious reasons for fear of too much stress; not much else we can do.

  7. Hi Caroline
    It’s lovely to see your beautiful snow pictures while we swelter in an Australian heat wave. My garden is very very dry this summer here in Australia, and I can only use recycled grey water from my laundry and bathroom for watering because of very tight water restrictions.

  8. I love your cat photos — my cats do the same thing, find the one sunny area and claim it as their own!

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