The amaryllis suspense continues

by Caroline Brown

I know you’re all dying to find out how it’s doing, heh. OK, OK, I’m really just posting this mostly to amuse myself but here it is, 11 days since you last saw it. Both stems are nice and tall and each one is probably going to have 2-3 blooms, which are just unfurling. The color is a nice “claret,” but I think it’ll change as the bloom matures.

Seriously, what’s with these puny stunted leaves?!!?!?! They never grew! Aren’t they hilarious? Maybe the leaves bust out in their growth after the blooms, does anyone know?

Every time I see them, I crack up!


7 Comments to “The amaryllis suspense continues”

  1. Caroline, you’re really quite fortunate that she’s putting all her energy into the blooms and not the leaves. Likely after the blooms are finished, those shrinking leaves will ‘spread out’ a bit so it can replenish the bulb before it rests. Not sure … seems so many people have different experiences with this plant. What are those lovely pink petals in the base of your pot?

    Alberta Postcards, was Sand to Glass

  2. Hi Diane, I figured the bulb “decided” that it was better to spend its energy on the flowers than leaves. It just cracks me up that they’re so small and the rest of the plant is so big.

    As for the pink petals, if I told you I’d have to kill you. 🙂 Kidding….but that is the subject of a future blog post!

  3. The leaves will grow after the bulb is finished flowering. They’re really quite nice in their own right — nice straplike things that arch out over the edges of the pot.

    What I want to know about your amaryllis/hippeastrum is, does it have roots? If you take the stalk and wiggle it gently, does it hold firm in the pot?

    I’ve got one that is exploding into bloom about four weeks after I potted it, and the unhappy thing is, I can lift the bulb right out of the pot still. I had a couple go that way 2 years ago and they never sprouted leaves — I had to get rid of the bulbs.

    Something I’ll have to do some research on: when do these things typically anchor themselves fully with roots? I used to have 6-8 of them that would reliably bloom twice a year (winter indoors and summer outdoors) and I never thought to check their root growth when they “woke up” in autumn.

  4. The color of the blooms is just beautiful, hopefully will stay close to that. The leaves are kind of strange looking but maybe they will eventually catch up too.


    You are a fearful guest:

    your flamboyance derides
    our northern austerity,
    your extravagance intimidates
    our parsimony;

    you dominate the whole room,
    snubbing your little
    purple cousin –

    but, then, your visit here
    was forced…

    E. F. Weisslitz

  6. Liz!! I love this poem, thanks for sharing. “Your visit here was forced…” Excellent!

  7. Firefly, I forgot to answer your question. I have the same problem. My bulb is loose in the pot too. Whenever I move it, in fact, the plant tilts to the left b/c the bulb is not secure. 😦

    I don’t know the answer about roots either. Something to look up.

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