Amaryllis growth spurt

by Caroline Brown

Well, the hoped-for growth spurt did happen. Since less than two weeks ago when I last blogged about my amaryllis, both stems have far more than doubled in size. It’s interesting to see how the plant uses its energy…first to develop the buds, next the stem growth, next will come the leaves. Looks like it will be a “lusty giant,” as promised by the grower, after all.

By the way, I turn the pot every day. Even so, the stem leans toward the window as much as you see in the picture every single day!


6 Comments to “Amaryllis growth spurt”

  1. That’s quite a spurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been poking around on yours and it is very nice.
    It looks like the amaryllis is leaning away from the window. Or do I need new glasses.

  3. Hi Paul, your eyes are fine. I turned the pot before I snapped the pic. 🙂

  4. I was hoping so. No matter which way I held my head, it seemed wrong. So now I have this crick in my neck.

  5. Great growth. Amaryllis remind me of my mother and the plant she gave me. Its also reminds me of spring. Great site! Denise

  6. I’m glad that your growth spurt kicked in! I can’t wait to see the flowers.

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