Tropical flowers in Rhode Island, part 3

by Caroline Brown

There wasn’t supposed to be a part 3, but I went back to the BC for a class this weekend and took a picture of the chenille plant, also called red-hot cattail or Acalypha hispida (and I’ve also seen Acalypha sanderiana). Such a cool plant I had to show it. I read that the chenille plant’s fuzzy red blossoms can be up to 18″ long, but some of these might be longer than that. It’s probably from southeast Asia.

Also, here’s another view of the asparagus or foxtail ferns. I wanted to show the use of the plants in beds as a ground cover. I just LOVE this plant!


2 Comments to “Tropical flowers in Rhode Island, part 3”

  1. WOW…this is amazing! Best tails I’ve ever seen! I came upon your blog while searching for pictures of Acalypha! I love all of the plants with the unususal LEAVES.
    Nice blog!!!

  2. What you call a chenille plant is called “Love lies bleeding” in Canada.

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