Really local garlic

by Caroline Brown

Blogging has been light this last month because I moved and am just starting to come out of the moving & house-closing fog. I hope to be blogging more frequently now that things are starting to get back to normal. For now I’ll leave you with this picture of really local garlic, fresh from the gardens of my friends L&K in southeastern Mass.

Happy August!


2 Comments to “Really local garlic”

  1. Caroline: Good to have you back blogging! Missed it! Just ordered my garlic for fall planting. It is gratifying to plant something in the fall and this year it’s bok choy, collards, lettuce and garlic!

  2. Hi Layanee, the fresh garlic is SO different from store bought. It’s much harder to get the skin off because it’s not as dry. And it seems much stronger to me! (a good thing in my opinion but probably not for the people around me!)

    Thanks for stopping by!

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