Plants that are poisonous for pets

by Caroline Brown

In general I’ve lately been trying to blog more gardening about topics that are related to ecology and nature, not about strict gardening subjects or how-to’s. However, I couldn’t help but post a link to this important information from the ASPCA about plants that are poisonous to pets. I always thought that poinsettias were really dangerous but they don’t even make the top 10, according to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center.

The ASPCA says the ten most poisonous plants are marijuana (duh), sago palm, lilies, tulip & narcissus (daffodil) bulbs, azalea & rhododendron, oleander, castor bean, cyclamen, kalanchoe, and yew. The only one of these that I knew was poisonous already was oleander. We have tons of the other stuff in the yard and in the house from time to time, so I was surprised and a little embarrassed that I didn’t know about lilies, tulips, & daffodils. I have some lilies in a vase right now! And one of my cats loves to eat plants.

If your plants and pets share the same outdoor or indoor space, please make sure to read the ASPCA’s website. You can also find out the symptoms of poisoning for different plants and learn which plants are non-toxic.


6 Comments to “Plants that are poisonous for pets”

  1. Just grow some kitty grass, or get some real catnip. They’ll leave the other stuff alone.

    Greens have micronutrients like folic acid that some cats crave — I have a 14-year-old Siamese male who, when the grass is nearly ready, will sit in front of the pot and cry until someone tears some grass blades for him. (Have to wait until the grass has strong roots, or he inadvertently eats chunks of potting soil too.)

    He has occasionally chewed other things, but only if I neglect to keep planting fresh flats of grass seed.

  2. Thanks for sharing this important info. C.

    On a lighter note, this photo still makes me LOL!!!


  3. even though poinsettias do not make the top 10, the fact that it is one of the most common plants that people have indoors(even if only once a year)makes them very accessible to so many pets. a teacher of mine had a cat who did die from ingesting a poinsettia so even though they are not THE MOST poisonous plant they do have enough punch to seriously harm or even kill your pet.

  4. My 6wk old king charles cavalier spaniel had only 1 lick of the stalk after I had cut my belladonna lilies to put in a vase and within 2minutes was showing signs that something was amiss. Wild crys of pain and glass glazed over eyes slowly grew extremely lethargic within 2 hours was in huge trouble screaming with pain and vomiting, phoned vet immediately meanwhile I had recognised the plant on the internet. There is no anecdote was given pain killers afte a very long night sh came good thank god she only had one lick. We were so close to losing her. so become aware of what is toxic to your animals the vet said these lilies can knock a beast or horse down in minutes.

  5. Hey! Excuse me, What is the name of the plant in that picture? 😉 I really need it for something, thanks in advance!

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