Vernal equinox: new beginnings

by Caroline Brown

Books of natural history make the most cheerful winter reading.

— Henry Thoreau, “Natural History of Massachusetts”

Hello readers and blog friends. Happy first day of spring….a welcome day for all, especially in the colder parts of the world. I took a winter break from blogging to enjoy a cheerful winter of reading “books of natural history” and to give myself a mental and physical respite from the electronic world.

And did I ever read: a book of Thoreau’s collected essays (where I found the above quote); Allan Armitage’s Native Plants for North American Gardens and Donald Leopold’s Native Plants of the Northeast (truly outstanding guides for the native plant lover); and two inspirational books by gardener/writer/ photographer Ken Druse on natural habitat gardening. I even started a project I’ve had in mind for years–to read and view (on video) every single one of Shakespeare’s plays, in chronological order. (I’m on play #2 our of 39.) And currently I’m reading Ralph Tiner’s In Search of Swampland, a field guide to wetland ecology.

All of this time away from blogging–spent in front of a roaring fire, with my nose in a book–has inspired me to write again and given me lots of fodder. I never intended to give up Earth Friendly Gardening permanently but now that I’ve taken a break I’d like to change the format a little.

My interests have developed since I first started this blog in January 2006– while I’m still interested in gardening, I see it as only a part of my larger interest in nature, natural history, and ecology in general. In other words: I’m interested in the natural world, and gardening happens to be the particular contribution that I can make.

I’m not sure how this changes my blog moving forward. The name will stay the same, at least for now, but I hope to write more about nature in general than specifically about gardening. I’m being open-minded to however I and the blog may develop.

See you all around the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy spring.


6 Responses to “Vernal equinox: new beginnings”

  1. Welcome back! I was a little worried there, what with no new entries and no “gone fishin’ ” sign on the home page. I’m glad you’re well and plan to keep blogging.

    I’ve been on walkabout around the blogosphere as well (it is winter still!), so I offer these nature blogs for you to check out:

    Niches: Native Plants, Habitat Restoration, and Other Science Snippets from Athens, Georgia

    Burning Silo: A place where nature, photography, and writing meet

    I agree, gardening doesn’t seem to be enough — I’ve been digging (ha ha) into ecology blogs too, which my geek side really loves. I’m really starting to wish I had about 10 acres with streams and forests and all that stuff instead of just a back yard. I’m about to go pick up “Natural Gardening in Small Spaces” by Noel Kingsbury, which I ordered at Borders.

    I also just acquired Armitage’s guide, and it is excellent. I vetted a lot of my plant selections for this year with his advice.

    Good to see you back!

  2. Another ‘Welcome back’! Missed the blog and look forward to anything concerning gardening and nature! The snow is receding right now and leaving mud in its wake but, believe it or not, mud is a welcome sight!

  3. Hi Firefly, Ginger–in hindsight, a “gone fishing” sign would have been appropriate…but it was so unplanned that I didn’t think of it. It just happened–more like a state of mind that I couldn’t control. Oh well, spring’s here and that’s that.

    FF–thanks for the links. Burning Silo I knew but Sparkleberry Springs is great.

  4. You’re welcome. And I didn’t mean to nag like Mom used to — just to say, your blogging is appreciated and was missed. 🙂

    Happy spring! I actually have bulbs starting to peek out … yippee!

  5. Welcome back, Caroline! Your new direction sounds wonderful…it certainly seems to suit your interests and talents. 🙂 Looking forward to the new avenues you explore and share.


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