Local Thanksgiving meal update

by Caroline Brown

I went to the farmers market this weekend to see what sorts of food would be available because I wanted to get as much local food as I could to make a local Thanksgiving meal. I had low expectations to be honest, but I was surprised by the amount and variety of food that was still available. There were only a couple of vendors there, but the main one, Wishing Stone Farm, delivered the goods. Here’s a few snaps of their stand.

There was a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and Wishing Stone is a mostly-organic farm. Here’s a few snaps of what I brought home–butternut squash, spinach, green beans, shallots, purple onions, garlic, empire apples, carrots, tomatoes, cilantro, broccoli, potatoes. There was even some sharp cheddar produced by a farm in Connecticut (still local if you go by the 100-mile definition of local).

My only problem is that the market was on Saturday and Thanksgiving’s not until Thursday, meaning that I have to not cook and eat all this food between now and then. Already I can see that the cheese isn’t going to make it.

Actually I have another problem: deciding what to make. Since this is a vegetarian dinner, the ideas I’ve had are butternut squash puree or maybe soup, gratin dauphinois for the potatoes (if the cheese makes it), sauteed spinach, dilly beans and tomatoes…the possiblities are endless. Any suggestions?


8 Responses to “Local Thanksgiving meal update”

  1. The bounty looks wonderful C….

    Suggestions for a veggie dinner…mmmmm….what could I suggest? Perhaps a certain cookbook comes to mind, LOL.

    Recipes: Im thinking Winter Harvest Soup (page 57), Cheddar Muffins (page 21) and for a dessert idea, Pumpkin Loaf (page 162) …Ill stop now, Im sure you’ve already got lots of ideas.

    You asked!!! 😉

    BFN, G

  2. I knew I could count on you for suggestions G! Don’t worry I already have it off the shelf. 🙂

  3. What fun, and what a great bounty of delicious looking foods! I know you’ll have a great dinner….if the food doesn’t disappear before Thursday! 😉

  4. Caroline, just fyi, the cheese didn’t make it.

  5. So where did the cheese get too??? I know my lovely Tasha LOVED cheese, maybe the cats took it eh???? What do you think Curt?


    Huggs, G 🙂

  6. Oh my GOODNESS that looks good! The cheese would have made the noble sacrifice in my home… and given itself up for lunch before Thanksgiving ever crested the horizon. 😉

  7. Hi Caroline,

    I think I will steal one of your pictures -I think it’s for a good purpose . If it’s not o.k., please let me know.

    Happy Thanksgiving Et Bon Appétit. Balou.


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