Last blooms til April

by Caroline Brown

This is the only plant with live flowers left in my yard. Does anyone know exactly what it is? It’s a native aster of some sort–maybe arrow leaf aster (Aster sagittifolius)? Or is it blue wood aster (Aster cordifolius)? They all look alike to me in the photos.


3 Comments to “Last blooms til April”

  1. The ones with the purple centers do look like arrow-leaved aster (sagittifolia) although when I found these plants they were often growing among larger blue asters that had yellow centers.

    I wanted some of the sagittifolia, so I took the time to identify it to make sure it wasn’t considered invasive, but that’s about all I know as far as wild asters.

  2. It’s all purple, so it must be the arrow leaved. I wish I had known that you wanted some, I could send you truckloads!!!

  3. I did find some — none through a seed company, but the flowers I brought home to identify went to seed, and I saved them.

    I never noticed them before, but this year, they leaped into view on the roadside in several places, so next year, with luck, they’ll carry the garden through to October.

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