There’s something wrong with my fern

by Caroline Brown

Ever since we brought it inside for the winter, it’s developed a long furry gray growth. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this on their ferns?


7 Comments to “There’s something wrong with my fern”

  1. Hmm…..I’ve never seen a gray one before, but my grandmother’s plants used to have orange growths like that, and a few of mine had white ones. It never seemed to hurt the plant any, so we always just let nature take its course…..the growths disappear as soon as the plant is hung back outside again.


  2. So who’s hiding behind the fern??? It should sort itself out, when its hung up, as M suggests….

    BFN, G 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’ve seen that one before, it is feline ascardaphobia nigra. Don’t be too concerned as it will sort itself out.

  4. Im guessing Tiny???? 😉

    Don’t eat too much fern T or it will be upchuck time, all over the windowsill or curtains!

  5. Too much! Is it the rustly noises from the leaves, or the taste that rivals kitty grass in “green appeal”?

  6. I think a good water-soaking with a very large sprinkler head should eliminate the problem.

    Thank you for the laugh!!

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