Hydrangeas in fall

by Caroline Brown

Some readers might remember my love for hydrangeas as expressed in previous posts. Since I posted pics of my “Nikko blue” hydrangea at the peak of its blue color in the summer, I thought you might be interested in seeing what it looks like now. I think the blossoms are still quite lovely, but have a faded look to them and now they are a dark pink/maroon with a light green in the background. I wish I could age as well as a hydrangea!

Here’s a close up of a blossom:

To refresh your memory, here is a picture of the same plant taken on July 10.

I love seeing the seasonal differences in plants–indeed, throughout the natural landscape. Think about the ways that your favorite swimming hole, overlook, park, or reading spot changes from season to season. I hope you’ve taken time to notice the changes that fall has brought to your favorite outdoor plants, wildlife habitats, and other natural environments and that you enjoy what you see.


6 Comments to “Hydrangeas in fall”

  1. These are still so pretty C. The fall has a way of softening the colors.

    The exception is the trees of course, they are in their ‘blaze of glory’ phase right now….It must be gorgeous down your way right now.

    BFN, G 🙂

  2. Hi C,

    Very beautiful….hydrangeas are one of the most impressive flowers I’ve ever seen….my mother had a blue, too…used to knock my socks off.

    And yes, I’ve been enjoying the autumn changes here. It will be strange next week when I go to California and walk right back into summer!

  3. Hydrangeas are so much fun – and they come in so many varieties! My folks have a hydrangea which is a cutting of a cutting of a hydrangea from a family friend from decades ago… I suppose that’s what attracts me to them the most, is that association I feel with the plant.

  4. Across the street from my house, neighbors have a blue hydrangea that is changed to purplish now too. Outside our southwest windows, we have a PeeGee that is almost all pink.

    I have two viburnums and spice bush in the back yard — red and golden leaves, respectively. I just planted them this year, so they are small, but I’m really looking forward to the color show when they grow a little!

  5. Thanks all for the comments. Hydrangeas seem to plants that some people are addicted to. And it’s not that we’re addicted to hydrangeas in general but to specific hydrangeas. I know so many people that have “cuttings of cuttings.” For some reason, hydrangeas are like family.

    Firefly–welcome. I like your blog a lot…and your attitude towards planners. Welcome to my blogroll. 🙂

  6. Thanks, Caroline. I’m glad to have found your blog too — strangely, every time I go looking for eco-blogs, all Google serves up are Web sites, but I’m slowly finding more.

    I don’t have a blog roll yet because I’m new to blogging as well as gardening, but winter is coming and I’ll have time to figure out Typepad — finally!

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