Surprise beach vacation this weekend

by Caroline Brown

Curt is taking me on a “surprise” beach trip this weekend. It’s only sort of a surprise, because I know that we’re going away and I know we’re going to the beach. But I don’t know where exactly we’re going.

I’m guessing it’ll be a RI beach, so the possibilities are endless since there are so many to choose from. (RI is the Ocean State, after all.) So I’m pasting photos of a few to whet your (and my) imagination.

The coolest part of this little surprise holiday is that I didn’t have to do any work or planning. Curt is trying to make it completely stress-free for me, and is being awfully sweet. He took care of the organizing, found a place to stay, and has even found someone to take care of the cats. In fact, I have no idea who’s taking care of the cats!

I’ll be gone Friday-Sunday. See you on Monday!

First two photos courtesy of RI DEM. All others courtesy of New England Beaches.

One Comment to “Surprise beach vacation this weekend”

  1. I KNOW WHY you’re going away!!!!!! Curt is such a sweetie. I hope you guys are off having a wonderful time.

    Happy Birthday Dear Caroline……
    Happy Birthday to You!

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