Festival of the Trees

by Caroline Brown

I’ve been meaning to post a link to Festival of the Trees, a blog carnival that debuted on July 1 at Via Negativa and will be hosted each month by a different blog. A couple of Curt’s photos are included in the initial Festival, as is some of JLB’s work, among many, many others.

Submissions are currently being accepted for the 2nd festival, to be hosted by Roundrock Journal. Deadline is July 29–this Saturday!–for August 1 posting. For more information on Festival of the Trees, including what type of material is appropriate and how to enter your tree-related blog work, click here.


One Comment to “Festival of the Trees”

  1. What a great idea C, I also checked out the links above. Online carnivals with various themes are becoming so popular and a great way to spread the word. Im going to be a contributor to a vegetarian one soon.

    Speaking of contributions, I was just searching your archives, hoping to find some info. re: companion planting. I couldnt find anything about this subject, could you shed some light??? I am writing a recipe/green tip each week now, for the City Hippy and want to include some suggestions for growing tomatoes and basil (or so Ive been told they bode well together in the garden) to go with my Garden Salsa. Im also really looking forward to any upcoming posts about growing and drying of herbs.

    Thanks so much if you can help.

    BFN, G šŸ™‚

    PS Simba continues to stack up the compliments over at Veggies…is she reading the commentary???

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