The new Earth Friendly Gardening

by Caroline Brown

Now here's a gutsy picture to put on the Internet. If it were a little bigger you could see the dumb expression on my face.

As for Earth Friendly Gardening….OK, The blog header is new. Thank you WordPress for finally allowing me to customize my header with my own photo!

But Earth Friendly Gardening is new in a different way. Curt and I formed our own company–named after my blog–to do garden, yard, & tree care.

We even bought a pickup truck….if you know me, you've probably fallen out of your computer chair but I'm not joking. Yep, a 10-year-old blue Ford F150.

We're working on Blackstone Boulevard in Providence with a non-profit group called Friends of Blackstone Park and Boulevard. The Boulevard has a storied history and is full of beautiful trees. Friends has committed to planting and caring for 200 trees on the Boulevard over a period of 5 years. They're at the beginning of year 3. They needed someone to water, mulch, & weed the trees this summer. We started the mulching three days ago.

The report so far: It's been 90 degrees and sunny the first two days, a little cooler today. I'm not used to 8-hour days of physical labor. My face is sunburned, even though I wore sunscreen. I have a blister on my foot and my knees are red and sore from kneeling on wood chips. But, it's great to have a break from the computer. People are so friendly–so many people tell us what a nice job we're doing or just stop to chat. And if you've ever been to Blackstone Boulevard, you know how beautiful it is and that we could have a lot worse "office."

This pic is of me mulching the garden at the entrance to the Boulevard.

BTW, if you knew me twenty years ago, YES, that's the exact same REM T-shirt that I wore through the entire decade of the eighties.


3 Comments to “The new Earth Friendly Gardening”

  1. Wow….do you and Curt ever sleep??? People are always telling me to slow down, you two are amazing! There’s always some new venture happening at EFG. Congrats. on the new business, sounds like a great fit. Love the photo and the new rose header, looks wonderful and fresh.

    Have a great day, don’t get too crispy out there, LOL,

    G 🙂

  2. that is so awesome.
    congrats to you and your husband. I’m still loving the REM shirt too! haha

  3. Hi G & Teddy, thanks for the congrats & sorry I’ve been “off-blog” for a while. I’ve been traveling. More posts tomorrow, I promise!

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