Roses in New England

by Caroline Brown

The roses are blooming here in New England. It's hard to believe as we haven't had a very sunny summer until just recently.

We have several rose bushes / vines and the ones that get the most sun look prettier this year than they ever have. This one tumbles over the rocks at the street level of the house, which is the basement entrance. It's surrounded by ferns that are on a mission to take over the yard and are only kept at bay by the daylilies, who have the same life-goal.

This year the roses are accompanied by a fairly new garden addition — daisy-like weeds, which are allowed to stay because they are quite pretty, despite their status as a weedy plant.


2 Comments to “Roses in New England”

  1. The roses are lovely! Thanks for sharing, G 🙂

  2. PS Speaking of roses, LOVE your new header!!! Looks great. G 🙂

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