The amazing Tulipus purplywhitus

by Caroline Brown

OK, so that's not a real Latin name. I don't know the name of this kind of tulip but it's amazing enough that I wanted to write about it. Last fall when I planted bulbs, I bought two kinds from Breck's. One is this giant bright red variety called Red Dynasty and the other was a bag of mixed-color "economy bulbs."

I mixed them all up and planted them in various places. Most of the "economy bulbs" were white, pink, and yellow; there was one dark purple one and two of these mysterious purply-white ones shown in the photos. The thing about these 2 tulips is that they came up at about the same time as the others but have managed to hang on, retaining their shape for much longer. They withstood several days of heavy rains, which shredded the other tulips.

In the first picture, you can see one of the white tulips whose petals are all falling off. And in the 2nd one, you can see the remains of another tulip, I can't remember what color it was but there's nothing left but the stem now.

But these two are still alive, they look great and have maintained their shape. I'd love to know what they are if anyone recognizes them.


6 Comments to “The amazing Tulipus purplywhitus”

  1. Hmmm, I don’t know squat about tulips, but I do love them. And tulipus purplywhitus is indeed a strong and beautiful specimen! I’m thinking a trip to The Netherlands is in order for you and Curt.

    “Caroline and the quest for the tulipus purplywhitus”

    (Can you tell I’ve been reading The Odyssey to Jason at night?) 🙂

  2. any excuse for a trip to Europe!!

  3. I love tulips too. Actually bought a plant for my mom for mother’s day and it had the most beautiful scent. Until then, didn’t realize that there were any tulips that had a fragrance. A lovely pale yellow too. That’s another thing great about tulips, the range of colors is amazing….Love those ‘funny-shaped’ LOL ones as in your photo C.

    Have a great weekend.

    PS The Mitz says thanks for the paws-up, re: Catster, she now has her own blog.
    Simba, Tiny and Scout….are you reading this too???

  4. Great catster page, Mitzi! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist, G. TS&S are going to have to hold off on getting their own blogs until I have more time, Scout & Tiny don’t care but Simba wishes she had opposable thumbs so she could do it on her own.

  5. Thanks to you and to Curt for finding and sharing the great cat-site.

    The Mitz is an excellent typist, but makes quite a few errors as she uses the whole paw method LOL…..

    Have a great Memorial (and hopefully memorable!) weekend.

    It’s cold and rainy here, Joe’s at work, Im making Savvy Veg- Banana Bread and NJFV-Russian Beet Borscht this morning….yummmmmm….

    Huggs, G 🙂

  6. Simba curses the vagaries of anatomy–she believes she should have opposable thumbs. We’re finally having real live heat….it’s definitely summer. You’re not too far behind I’m sure! Enjoy your Saturday cooking session…Curt and I are thinking of either making gazpacho or homemade salsa & guacamole! have a great weekend.

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