Lily of the Valley

by Caroline Brown

No blogging this weekend and limited blogging today…I had a nearly catastrophic computer incident on Saturday. I have to find a 'puter store and get new RAM asap before things are back to normal around here.

It would have been funny, though of course irrelevant to this blog, if I'd taken a photo of my "blue screen of death" and posted it here. In the meantime here is a photo and some info on Lily of the Valley.

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. (Song of Solomon 2:1-2)

As you can see from the Old Testment verse, the Lily of the Valley is an ancient plant. I've always admired it because it manages to thrive at the base of our huge Norway maple tree, no small feat considering the resource-hogging capabilities of this invasive species.(The funny looking thing standing in the middle of the LVs is a cat made out of a horseshoe that my sister gave me).

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) is native North American plant that is often found growing wild in forested areas. It spreads by underground rhizomes, doesn't need a lot of sun (that's why it thrives in our yard), and favors moist soil. Other names for it are May Lily or May Bells.

The leaves and flowers of LV have been used as medicinals for thousands of years. Its first mention was in a collection of herbal remedies that dates to the fourth century. However if large quantities of the flowers or leaves are eaten, it's poisonous, especially to animals and children.

I don't plan to eat it, only to enjoy the beautifully-scented bell-shaped flowers until they disappear in a couple of weeks. Then I'll admire the green blades that will be around until first frost.  


6 Comments to “Lily of the Valley”

  1. Hi Caroline, I just love Lily of the Valley, we always had some in the yard when I was growing up, just so beautiful scent and flowers. also my Mom’s fav. flower. Is it a birthday month flower???

    Sorry to hear about the computer troubles NEVER fun, hope everything is back to normal.

    Happy Naked Cake Eating….G 🙂
    PS More on this at Veggies…..LOL

  2. Hi G., Yes they do smell so good. I don’t know about birthday month, but the “majallis” in its latin name has to do with “may” — May Lily. Thanks for asking, the computer’s not fixed yet but it’s “stabilized” where I can work & blog, just can’t turn it off or save files to it!

  3. Hey there! Yes, I think Lily of the Valley is the May birthday month flower (I have a May birthday!). My birthstone is emerald, and my sign is Taurus. And I love long walks on the beach and all that stuff………
    Sorry for your computer problems, Caroline!!!

  4. No wonder my Mom liked this flower so much, May 17th is her birthday. Has yours come and gone yet Kim, or on the way???

  5. Happy Birthday again Kim….Now I remember, carrot cake and screens, for some reason I was thinking that was an anniversary post on CP but I just checked again….Mr. Music and all…Many happy returns again.

    BFN, G 🙂

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