Back yard then & now

by Caroline Brown

Speaking of then & now shots….when I was taking the photos of the lawn, the laundry was hanging & it reminded me of an old photo that we have of the house.

This photo was probably taken in the late 1930s, maybe early 1940s. The photographer was (I think) employed through FDRs Works Progress Administration, which paid artists, photographers, and writers to canvass the country, create art, and write place guides. (Can you imagine that happening now? HAH HAH HAH)

I took a photo from about the same angle so I could compare the two, and converted it to black and white.

In both the photos, our house is the one on the left with the laundry line coming from it.


One Comment to “Back yard then & now”

  1. This is so so cool. You should frame the photos and hang them side by side in your house. It’s so interesting that the photos really aren’t that different, despite being 70 or so years apart. Of course, your lawn is MUCH MUCH nicer than in the first photo!

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