The overseeded lawn, one month later

by Caroline Brown

Yesterday a reader asked how my lawn was doing one month after the overseeding.

Left: Lawn on April 14
Below: Lawn on May 17

Neither photo has been altered! Now admittedly not all of the seeds sprouted. I'm giving most of the credit for the greenness to the fabulous organic fertilizer I used. I think it really helped the old grass fill in. 

As Curt pointed out, there are still patchy spots where the seeds didn't take. I used very cheap seed which was probably a mistake. But overall, it has filled in very well and I'm pretty happy about it!


3 Responses to “The overseeded lawn, one month later”

  1. Hi C….Wow, that is an amazing green, even if it’s not really that vivid, live and in color LOL….I don’t know why, but part of this post is covered by one of your photos, is Turdpress rearing it’s ugly head again….I hope they don’t start doing ‘the wonky edit thing’ again on Veggies…..waaaaaay to much time wasted when it does, especially for ingredient list for recipes.

    Hope all is well. Mitz sends 3 headbonks to the felines….

    Huggs and BFN, G 🙂

  2. Wow thats quite a difference! Considering you also usec cheap seed the results aren’t bad, a vast improvement on the month before.

    Thanks for sharing,


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