Natural News Network: RI’s source for natural news

by Caroline Brown

Calling all fellow Ro Dilandahs…Rhode Island has new source for information about nature & the environment: Natural News Network–Rhode Island's "only fresh, local, all-natural news source." RI's green community is growing and this is a great way for us all to stay connected.

On a broad level, NNN aims to:

help build connections and encourage growth within Rhode Island's diverse community of people with environmental interests; to inspire all Rhode Islanders to get outdoors and explore their natural environment; to education and inform residents about local issues by providing news in context; to inspire awareness about the ecological impact of choices that we make every day; and to help promote the growth of a green economy in the state.

I was so pleased to receive the May newsletter in my email. Founder and editor Mary Grady writes an informative article about the growth of green energy in Rhode Island, which includes a beautiful photo of the wind turbine that was recently installed at Portsmouth Abbey School. Also included are sections with information and links about various local outdoor opportunities and non-toxic ways of taking care of your lawn and garden. (Yeah!)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Mary and Bill Mott, a member of the board of NNN. Both of them have a lot of experience and knowledge–the kind of people you can learn a lot from. I've been conditioned by my marketing/PR career to hate networking, but networking with green people is a real pleasure.

If you're a part of RI's green community or want to be, or if you're a local who's interested in the nature, visit Natural News Network and subscribe to the newsletter today.


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