Pesticides reduce…erm, worm size

by Caroline Brown

Well, previously I wrote that this was the #1 reason not to use a lot of synthetic chemicals on your lawn but I recently read about some other strong contenders:

Pesticides may affect penis size (did I really just use the p-word in my blog?!??!!?) 

What's really behind the plunge in teen pregnancy

CRIKEY! Men, it's definitely time to get rid of those nasty chemicals, yessiree!


One Comment to “Pesticides reduce…erm, worm size”

  1. Heh Caroline….Is this a new feature….sprinkling in a ‘naughty’ word here and there…Im just coming to terms with the talking worm. LOL….You don’t have to be a great gardener to enjoy your posts. I do like stopping by to see what’s new.
    Hope all is well, Hi to Curt and the kitties (how is everyone today?) and BFN, G. šŸ™‚

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