Weekend gardening, part 2

by Caroline Brown

On Sunday, we went to Hattoys Nursery in Coventry, which is really too far to drive to, considering there are a million other nurseries that are closer. But the kind people that own Hattoy's are master gardeners, or their parents were, or something… for some reason they really like MGs and were having a special discount for us all day long. Curt and I went with intent to spend.

As you can see, Hattoys had the goods. We bought a(nother) small rhody, two more geraniums (we like them because we've turned several of them into perennials that bloom all year long simply by bringing them inside in the fall/winter), some unknown species of annual phlox-like thing, some catnip (look out kitties), some lavender, a begonia, a flat of impatiens, and a big basket of double (rose) impatiens. The photo shows one of the begonias and the lavender.

Finally, here's a link to a poem that Curt wrote (with a pic) about the begonia. I potted it in an iron basket lined with coir and Curt hung it on our wall–no small feat since it's two feet of granite. A little bit of France right here in New England.


4 Comments to “Weekend gardening, part 2”

  1. How lovely! What a wonderful, peaceful time spent together. Planting a flower and daydreaming of France. Your house does, indeed, look like something from England or France. How cool to have a home like that! You’re really lucky!

  2. Thanks, it’s definitely a unique home. But best appreciated in the spring & summer–For 7 mos of the year, it’s so high maintenance b/c of its age & so cold that its starting to drive me bananas!

  3. How far did you drive ??!!! Coventry is in the middle of our
    REALLY SMall state.

  4. Hattoys is a whole 25 minutes away by car! Hey, I’m an adopted Rhode Islander….if it’s more than 10 minutes away, I have to pack a lunch.

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