Weekend gardening, part 1

by Caroline Brown

Curt & I spent most of this weekend in the yard. Saturday: the front yard. We babysat our neighbor's two daughters for a couple of hours, and given our lack of toys or television, we thought it might be fun to do a little gardening. Luckily, so did they.

We planted some vinca and pachysandra ground covers in the spot where I ripped up the oriental bittersweet. The bittersweet's roots were holding together the dirt on a small sloped area. I want to get some other roots established so the whole thing doesn't wash away. After the girls left, Curt and I weeded and cleaned. This part of the yard gets more weeds than any other area.

The groundcover (to the right of the stone walk in the first pic) is vinca. It's covered with its little periwinkle flowers right now. Behind it, ivy is climbing the retaining wall and corner of the house (seen in the 2nd pic). You can see one of our lilacs, in the 2nd pic too–we have a few that are coming into their glory. To the left of the walk is the remains of our tulips and daffodils. The little area where Ana & Sinead helped plant vinca & pachysandra is directly to the left of the steps in the back.


One Comment to “Weekend gardening, part 1”

  1. I love this photo…looks like an English Country Garden…..just like the song! Being outside and playing in the dirt/sand was always waaaay more fun than just plain old toys, as I remember. LOL….

    Have a great day, G. 🙂

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