Garden blogs, part deux

by Caroline Brown

It's been a busy couple of days, so I'm cheating a bit — here are a few more garden bloggers that I like.

Bookish Gardener:

I have a garden in Zone 5 (or so I'd like to think on optimistic days)…or is it Zone 4? I'm an attorney (by trade) and a mother (by great fortune). I've been a gardener for a relatively short time, but a bookworm all my life.

Horticulture, Jan Perrone's organic allotment and garden blog:

I'm Jane Perrone, and I am a keen organic allotmenteer and gardener.

I also work as deputy editor, news and politics at Guardian Unlimited, the website of the Guardian newspaper in London, where I write for News blog about blogging, technology and other things.

This blog is for writing about the things I don’t get to cover at work: the trials and treasures of nurturing my garden and allotment.

I write about the things I wanted to read when I set out learning about horticulture: how do you set up a wormery? What the hell is a barbietola di chioggia? How do I become a gardener if I only have a windowsill in my flat?

(As best I can tell, an "allotment" is a British term for a piece of land that is leased specifically for agricultural purposes.) 

Garden Design Online:

Jane Berger is a journalist and landscape designer based in Washington DC & Woods Hole, MA.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and the George Washington University Landscape Design Program, she formerly worked as an editor, writer, and radio news correspondent for the Voice of America.




2 Comments to “Garden blogs, part deux”

  1. Providing links is not “cheating.” That’s the whole point of blogging- networking.

  2. I second the motion! Just today I did a post and included a link to Earth Friendly Gardening and News Target as part of the story. The more info. related to a topic, the better, then readers can pick what they want to read,save, follow-up. I just took a look at these other blogs, nice but a lot of terms etc…I don’t have a clue about. Guess I will stick with veggie cooking and lots of yarn. I did have a yarn shop many years ago called the Yarn Tree, that’s kind of plant-related hahaha.
    Cheers Caroline and BFN 🙂

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