How did you celebrate Earth Day?

by Caroline Brown

I spent a few hours pruning trees and planting perennials at Cumberland Public Library, a beautiful old building that's a former Trappist monastery. The URI master gardeners maintain a small garden there. Then I spent the afternoon in Hope Valley at the offices of the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association. URI has a program called Watershed Watch that trains volunteers to monitor the water quality of local lakes, rivers, and streams. I'm going to be monitoring a site on "my" local river, the Woonasquatucket. I learned how to collect water samples, conduct a relatively easy test for dissolved oxygen, and record the data. Not bad for an English major!

Did anyone else do anything fun? 


2 Comments to “How did you celebrate Earth Day?”

  1. Embarrassingly, I didn’t know it was Earth Day on Saturday. But I did take Jason to the annual Wake Forest HerbFest on Saturday, mostly for him to witness the infamous duck parade (which consisted of 5 or 6 ducks walking down about 6 feet of indoor/outdoor carpet into a baby pool filled with water—I had imagined 50 ducks walking single file down the middle of downtown, but no). And I strolled with Jason down rows of beautiful herbs and other plants for sale and pointed out things to him that I liked. So that was kind of earthy, wasn’t it? šŸ™‚

  2. The “duck parade,” how FUNNY is that. Hey, an herb & plant sale is pretty earth-lovin’ if you ask me!

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