Garden reading: garden blogs

by Caroline Brown

I've been remiss in linking to gardening blogs in my Blogroll. That's because there are so many good ones that I haven't had time to look at them all. But I finally had a chance to look over a few yesterday and I'm adding three that I like to my Blogroll.

Here are the three I added today–check them out when you get a chance.

My Green Dream:

One moon-gazing mama and her wee Pixie, a growing kitchen garden, a flock of chickens, homeschooling, living sustainably, organically and earth-centred in New Hampshire.

Cold Climate Gardening:

That’s why I started this website: to share everything I know about cold climate gardening. Now, I’m no expert, and I will freely admit that much of the information presented here is stuff I’ve merely read somewhere else. I haven’t necessarily tried it, or grown it, myself. And the truth of the matter is, what works in one cold climate isn’t guaranteed to work in another cold climate, so even if I have tried it, and it has worked for me, it still might not work for you. And vice versa.

North Country Maturing Gardener:

The North Country Maturing Gardener lives, gardens and ages gracefully (we can only hope!) in Northern New Hampshire. She is certified as a Master Gardener in both Connecticut and New Hampshire. Aging however, brings limitations…hence the internet vs. the digging! šŸ™‚ So, come visit and have the North Country Maturing Gardener (NCMG) answer your gardening questions on line!

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