Oriental bittersweet is like Don Corleone

by Caroline Brown

Or, how I spent my Saturday: trying to control the mafia of the plant world, the Oriental bittersweet.

There's still more to go. This is the remains of only the vine. There are 4 trunks and all are thick and well-rooted. I don't think I can pull them out. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of them without resorting to evil chemicals. I'm going to scour the web for home remedies. Wish me luck…or better yet, send me solutions if you have them.


One Comment to “Oriental bittersweet is like Don Corleone”

  1. Im no expert but it looks to me like you might need a hit-man to kill these vines/weeds hahahah, good comparison. I can actually remember a similar looking plant out in BC that was wreaking havoc in my brother’s yard. He just kept yanking them out. Hard work and I know they were hard to get rid of. He also tried to stay away from chemicals in his yard. Good luck with getting it done.
    BFN, Geraldine

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