by Caroline Brown

Strange how hard it rains now, rows and rows of big dark clouds

— Patty Griffin, "Rain"

Gardeners are a pretty hardy bunch, but there's a lot that you can't do in the rain…especially a cold, early spring New England rain. What a change from last weekend! This morning I was down at URI's East Farm to try my hand at pruning trees and shrubs, but we gave up after only an hour outside.

Instead we had a question and answer session with the lecturer, a URI Master Gardener who is also a licensed arborist. It was very informative, but not as fun as…getting your hands wet. 


3 Comments to “Rain”

  1. What a neat photo Caroline, really nice! I’m still trying to figure out photo-plugins and the wacky world of WordPress, tried Flickr this a.m., thought it was a done deal but still no go. Anyways, I digress….I love the rain, we don’t really have that much here, usually dry hot summers and next to no spring weather. Certainly doesn’t help with gardening though but maybe your Q and A session yielded some good tips.

    Hope you have sunny skies soon, BFN, Geraldine ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Of course, I love the Patty Griffin quote. I ADORE Patty Griffin. I have yet to see her perform live but my day is coming, I just know it.

    We’re still in the middle of a drought here, one year and counting. We’ve had water restrictions for the longest time. We depend on the hurricane season to catch us up each fall, but last year’s season brought us no rain. How odd to wish for hurricanes…

  3. I love her too–I didn’t really know much about her until I “discovered” her when I lived in California. (her cover of Stolen Car!! Love it–from one who does NOT like Springsteen covers.)

    I didn’t know NC was in a drought. Hopefully our rain this w/e helped us catch up…we had one of the driest Marches ever. Be careful what you wish for though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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