Sunny, high of 65

by Caroline Brown

Too pretty this weekend to blog. I know these last two posts have been lame. But I spent half of the day Saturday at URI, learning how to prune apple and peach trees and blueberry and raspberry bushes. The rest of the day was spent in my own garden! And today I enjoyed the "extra hour" of daylight and did some research for a post about Colorado potato beetles, a special request for Veggies Yarns & Tales. Look for that on Monday (bet you can't wait).


2 Responses to “Sunny, high of 65”

  1. I can wait Caroline, but can the beetles hahahaha…..I don’t really like killing even insects, especially if they are doing something worthwhile (do beetles??) but I sure would like nice green leaves without HOLES this time, on our potato ‘crop’. Even a garden patch of potatoes can be nice, if it is neat, weeded and not full of chewed up leaves. And it certainly helps the potatoes to grow too, keeping the bugs at bay.

    Hope all is well in Rhode Island. We still have some snow (as per my post of this morning) but it is melting fast. Can winter be gone this early??? My prediction is NO, Ive spent too many years here to think it is. Hope Im wrong.
    BFN, Geraldine šŸ™‚


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