And now, the number one reason not to use synthetic chemicals on your lawn…..

by Caroline Brown

My blog provider, WordPress, lets me look at blog stats such as how many people visit my site and what google search terms they use to find me. I noted with sadness a couple of days ago, a visit to my post about Trugreen Chemlawn from someone who had googled the term "chemlawn trugreen dog cancer."

So I present to you, the number one reason not to use chemicals on your lawn. Sorry for the short post today…it's too beautiful outside to blog.

Photo courtesy of Simba the lion


8 Comments to “And now, the number one reason not to use synthetic chemicals on your lawn…..”

  1. Wow, Simba is beautiful!!! If I can ask a question, somewhat related to this post, can you recommend a natural way of keeping potato beetles off the leaves of the plants? We were just at the garden centre this aft. even though its a long way to planting time here , and decided we will probably fill the majority of our small garden patch with potatoes this year. No hassle and we go through tons. If you can help with a suitable ‘recipe’ for this problem, that would be great. I know I had one given to me a few years ago, from a friend, but where its gotten to, I have no idea.

    Have a great weekend Caroline and BFN, Geraldine πŸ™‚
    PS Mitzi seconds the motion, Simba is gorgeous meooooowww……

  2. Hi Geraldine, Simba is not particularly grateful for your and Mitzi’s compliments (although I am), simply because she knows that she is beautiful, the Grace Kelly of the cat world, and she deserves all the attention and fawning that she is given; in fact, she believes that she deserves much, much more. So she will actually not be dignifying your compliment with so much as a thank you, although I personally think that’s very nice of you to say! πŸ™‚

    As for your beetles, there are a couple of different kinds of potato beetles, do you know if it is the Colorado potato beetle or is there another kind that you have in the Canadian prairies? The Colorado beetle is the worst that we have here.

  3. I should have said, that the COlorado potato beetle is yellow with 10 black stripes. Photo here:

  4. The ones that I remember from last year do have black stripes…at least I think they did. I thought there was some red on them too, but I could be wrong, I know the little devils had stripes.

    And Simba, never take compliments for granted, they are always special and as Mark Twain said, (roughly quoted), a person can live for a week on a good compliment…should it not also be for a feline too. Mitzi is a real beauty too, that should add to the relevance, don’t ya think??? BFN πŸ™‚ Geraldine and Mitzi

  5. Mitzi IS a real beauty. She has the prettiest coat. I really can’t believe she’s 18 years old. You’re very lucky…I hope she continues to have good health! I’m sure she will as long as she keeps up those crunches and tummy tucks.

    You gave me an idea. I’ll do a post on potato beetles by the end of the weekend! I know a couple of solutions for Colorado potato beetle and I’ll talk about those and the other kinds of potato beetles that I can find out about.

  6. Thanks Caroline, that would be great, Im sure a lot of people have the same problem. I know the beetles we had last year did a very quick job of eating the beautiful leaves on the potatoes we had planted.

    Mitzi says Meooooow, meow (Thanks a lot!!) she does appreciate a compliment even though she also thinks that she deserves more. Pat, pat time is never enough! She is amazing for 18 and no signs of slowing down. She is a bundle of energy from morning til night. According to our vet, tabbies are a very hearty breed and are known for longevity if properly cared for. I got Mitzi when she was only a couple of months old, weighed 2 lbs. and was a scrawny little thing….my friend actually picked her, said, ‘this ones going to be a real beauty’, she was so right. I digress….BFN, πŸ™‚

  7. Simba is so regal, so beautiful!! I’ve wondered if some nasty lawn treatments are what took my little Thumpy away….I guess I’ll never know. Your grass is so lush and green!! Must be springtime in RI finally!

  8. I’m sorry about Thumpy Kim. 😦

    Don’t think so highly of my grass or RI weather. This is a pic from last summer. My grass is currently very weak, puny, & brown.

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