A thousand words

by Caroline Brown

Finally, snow crocus.


5 Comments to “A thousand words”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos Caroline, I love crocuses (sp??) and we are probably at least 3 weeks from seeing any here. Went for our first run/walk of the season today and there is still quite a bit of snow in the park, I plan to take a few more pictures as the meltdown begins. I also think that one more REAL blast of winter is not far off. We usually don’t get off the winter hook, this early. Great to get a breath of spring, even if just in photos for now. I am really enjoying your posts, even though I am not much of a plant person, interesting reading nevertheless.

    BFN from the Canadian Prairies,
    Geraldine 🙂

  2. Hi Geraldine, I think you’re right, I expect that we too have one more blast of winter before it’s all over–even if it’s a short storm. Thanks for all your comments, even if you don’t garden they’re very poetic. I also want to say, thanks to you (seriously) I am addicted to food blogs. What I have discovered on food blogs such as yours is that there’s always a simple recipe that someone has posted and I already have all the ingredients and don’t have to go shopping. Food bloggers are good about making recipes that others can make without too much extra effort/shopping (like your chili recipe for ex. Everything but the TVP was already in my cabinet.)

    There’s a link in my Blogroll called Post Haste Taste that you might be interested in. He is in culinary school and preparing for an internship on a small farm. And he has some good links on his site as well that you might want to check out.

    TTFN & happy soon to be spring…….

  3. Thanks for the link tip Caroline, I will check it out. Part of what I am really enjoying about blogging is checking out other blogs of interest. there are a lot of really interesting people and blogs out in cyberspace (including yours, of course), you just need to sift through the pile 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying the recipes on my blog, they are all from my cookbook so far. Will be posting an excellent potato raisin scone recipe soon, you might want to give these a try too, very yummy. I do try to stick to basic ingredients in my cookbook, that’s one of the things I was told when i was writing it, by friends and people in my vegetarian cooking classes. Try to stick to basic ingredients, not too many exotic or hard to find ones, that can be a real turn-off. I agree.

    Have a great day, I look forward to more posts and photos on your site and I hope you will stop by Veggies….soon.

    BFN, Geraldine

  4. Hey Caroline….what lovely pictures. I love crocus, and so does Jason, because they’re in Margaret Wise Brown’s “Runaway Bunny”! It’s one of the few flowers Jason recognizes by name.

  5. Aww, how cute. At this rate Jason is going to quite the renaissance man when he grows up!

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