Barbara Damrosch in the Washington Post

by Caroline Brown

Since I’m praising others that I should be jealous of, let’s talk about Barbara Damrosch, my gardening idol. When I first started gardening back when I lived in Colorado, I bought her book The Garden Primer (one of these days I’ll review it here). I admire her writing style and gardening ethic, which is how I got interested in organic gardening.

I only today found out that she has a weekly gardening column in the Washington Post called A Cook’s Garden. (Not to be confused with The Cook’s Garden seed catalog which I’m always going on about). When The Garden Primer first came out in 1988, she was gardening in Connecticut. She’s since moved to Maine, and with her husband Eliot Coleman, owns Four Season Farm, which is described on its website as

an experimental market garden in Harborside, Maine, which produces vegetables year-round, and has become a nationally recognized model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

The website has a lot of good resources if you’re surfing aimlessly. And Barbara’s fab..really a great writer. So check out her column in the Wa. Post if you want to read thoughtful garden writing–I’m adding it to my “Linkroll” on the left so you can always link to it from Earth Friendly Gardening.

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