Sustainable listening: The Beyond Organic Show

by Caroline Brown

I recently learned about an interesting syndicated radio show called The Beyond Organic Show that addresses issues of organic food and farming and social and environmental sustainability.

Beyond Organic covers diverse-yet-interconnected issues including genetic engineering, Mad Cow Disease, dead zones, health, nutrition, Slow Food, cooking, gardening, Fair Trade and international policy.

Now, just because this is exactly the kind of syndicated radio program that I want to do when I become a famous garden writer, and just because the creator of this show had this idea way back in 1999 when I probably hadn’t even heard of sustainable gardening….well, that doesn’t mean I won’t say good things about them, because I’m not a petty person. But….NO FAIR!!! Beaten to the good idea, again!

Seriously, I listened to a few broadcasts and it’s a pretty good show. Their most recent guest was Shepherd Ogden, who’s a well-known organic gardening writer and the founder of The Cook’s Garden, which has a great seed catalog. And they’ve interviewed a lot of experts in food and environmental safety issues, including environmentalists, food growers, and professors.

On the radio, you can only hear them on a few West Coast stations, in Toronto, and in Asheville, NC (!). But all of their programs are archived on their website. So check it out if you get tired of reading or surfing the Internet for sustainable gardening and farming information.

Beyond Organic logo courtesy of


One Comment to “Sustainable listening: The Beyond Organic Show”

  1. Thanks for turning me onto this show. It’ll never been too late to start a program of your own when you’re ready! This country needs much more awareness of these topics and the means to get educated.

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