RIP South Central Community Garden?

by Caroline Brown

Sad to say that it looks like "curtains" for Los Angeles' South Central Community Garden. Rather than summarize the whole sad story here, I'll direct you to a Grist blog posting that summarizes the whole story succinctly. Suffice to say that a backroom deal that the city made with the former owner/developer of the 14-year-old community garden will result in the eviction of 350 urban farming families and the construction of a Walmart warehouse.

The farmers have been wrangling with the developer and the city for a couple of years but the developer served an eviction notice on March 1. The families are set to be evicted Monday March 13 (tomorrow). They've vowed to fight the eviction and say that they won't leave the land. And they're asking the mayor of LA might step in and broker some sort of deal. Maybe the city could buy the land back from the developer and give it to the community? I'm not sure if there's a viable solution that will make everyone happy at such a late hour. So though I hope it's premature, I'm not very hopeful: RIP South Central Community Gardens.


2 Responses to “RIP South Central Community Garden?”

  1. The plight of these family farmers is a complete travesty šŸ˜¦


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