Sustainable blogging

by Caroline Brown

Another blog, gebloggte Welten, has published some excellent research on anti-GMO/anti-globalism activist Jose Bove’s recent denial of entry into the US. Now, all you English-only speakers (that includes me!), don’t be discouraged from reading this post because it’s in German.

In fact, gebloggte Welten quotes a lot of primarily English sources (including my post about Bove!), so you’ll have no trouble getting to the heart of what is being suggested–that environmentalists in the US are being targeted as eco-terrorists.

gebloggte Welten’s post pointed me to some interesting links, including a good interview with Bove in Yale Global; and La Via Campesina, the International Peasants Movement, a group (founded by Bove) of farmers that want to protect local agriculture from globalization and the WTO.

Anyway, take a look…it’s all very educational esp. for us Americans. We don’t think much about where our food comes from. Our children think that meat comes from the grocery store, not cows. Europeans are much more aware of problems of global agriculture and how corporate farms hurt small farmers. For example, even though I know about Jose Bove, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know about La Via Campesina.

Oh and BTW, thanks for staying with me as I move from one end of the earth-friendly gardening spectrum (how pretty my cylamen are) to the other (how evil GMO and corporate farms are).


One Comment to “Sustainable blogging”

  1. Dear Carolin,
    Please excuse if I’m too familiar, but your Earth Friendly Garden is a place to feel like being at home. I’ am a farmer – Limousine suckling cows – from Germany, kicked out of the market some years ago and now living in Berlin. Thank you very much for your respond on my article about José Bové and for linking my little web log.
    Have a nice day, greetings from Old Europe.
    balou (gebloggte Welten)

    PS: I’m sure you will find some mistakes; please correct my spelling and grammar. Reading a text is one thing and writing another.

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