Photo op alert: roll up those shirtsleeves & look busy!

by Caroline Brown

Time for my once-a-month “Way Off Topic” post where I get to rant and rave about non-gardening related news.

Where do I start? This photo disgusts me in so many different ways that I can’t even begin to articulate them all. It makes me sad that, like so many other developing countries, India is trying so hard to get the smallest little bits of leftover American table scraps.

Praising India’s expanding economy, President Bush warned today that fears about job outsourcing to other nations should not prompt the United States to limit global trade. “It’s true that some Americans have lost jobs when their companies move their operations overseas,” Bush said in a speech in New Delhi. “Some people believe the answer to this problem is to wall off our economy from the world through protectionist policies. I strongly disagree.”

I hate that the pro-outsourcers focus their PR messages on dealing with the perception that American workers are losing their jobs to Indians. They never bother to address how unfair it is to the Indian workers who get paid JACK SQUAT to sit around and answer phone calls and write software code so that rich American companies can make more $$$$. Outsourcing American jobs is not fair for any workers–American or Indian.

Look how hard I’m working working! Do I look manly? It’s just like in Crawford when I wear my cowboy hat & clear the brush.

OK, I’ll stop now–it’s already gotten too ugly.


One Comment to “Photo op alert: roll up those shirtsleeves & look busy!”

  1. The title of this post and the accompanying picture have me laughing so hard. I totally agree with you. Too bad we can’t outsource the American jobs of the President and the Vice-President.

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