Pollution & plants part 2

by Caroline Brown

In a previous post I wrote about the effects of air pollution on plants. Today in some reading I came across lists of pollution-resistant and -sensitive species.

Resistant to ozone: arborvitae, Douglas fir, balsam fir, white fir, red pine, spruce, birch, dogwood, linden, maple, English oak, red oak

Sensitive to ozone: Virginia pine, jack pine, Austrian pine, Scotch pine, white pine, hemlock, larch, green ash, white ash, redbud, pin oak, mountain ash, honey locust, scarlet oak, white oak, poplar, sweetgum, sycamore

Resistant to sulfur dioxide: arborvitae, juniper, maple

Sensitive to sulfur dioxide: apple, birch, catalpa, larch, white pine, poplar


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