Writing for Farm & Garden

by Caroline Brown

I’ve got a new writing gig–another volunteer one, but hey, at least it’s not high tech. (Sorry for being a hipster–I realize I used the word “gig” yesterday.) Farm & Garden is an online magazine and community website that provide information and resources on sustainable living, focusing on “food, flowers, fiber and families.”

From their website:

Farm & Garden was created because we see inherent problems with agribusiness. We firmly believe we need more, smaller scale, sustainable, local agricultural models. We exist to help build and support these models and the people who participate in them.

These guys are the real deal. It’s a virtual team of a couple of paid staffers and a bunch of volunteer writers like me. All of the other writers are very experienced farmers and gardeners and are really “walking the walk” when it comes to living and growing sustainably. I’m truly humbled that they’re letting me write for them!

For right now, I’ll be contributing articles to their Library section, focusing on Book Reviews and Perennials. They just published my book review of Cradle to Cradle, which I originally published here, and I expanded the poppy description that I wrote here for their Perennial section. So, it’ll seem familiar, but click through to their site and see what else they’ve got that interests you.

Poppy perennial entry on Farm & Garden

Cradle to Cradle book review on Farm & Garden


One Comment to “Writing for Farm & Garden”

  1. VERY COOL that you’re getting to write about your passion, finally! Can’t wait to go to their site and click around. Good luck with your new “gig”!!!

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