BioWillie: On the road again

by Caroline Brown

I’m on deadline for a paying gig, so I haven’t had much time these last couple of days. Thanks to the GristList for turning me on to this, because I LOVE Willie Nelson.

Nelson has become an icon of biodiesel use. His personal vehicles and tour bus all run on biodiesel. At home on Maui, Hawaii, he drives a Mercedes-Benz E-Class diesel sedan powered 100 percent by diesel. His wife, Annie, drives a Volkswagen Jetta diesel.

I haven’t decided about biodiesel yet, but like Willie, I know it’s better than oil. But I still don’t have a warmy and fuzzy feeling about corporate control of the corn crop, GMO corn as fuel, corn as a monoculture, etc. I admit I’m unlearned in the subject, but one day I’ll figure it out and write something thoughtful about it. But in the meantime, read more about BioWillie here.

Illustration of Willie Nelson Courtesy of

P.S. — I made the illustration a lot smaller to fit on my blog, so you can’t see the writing on the yellow ribbon that Willie is pasting on his truck. For the record? It says “Bring Them Home.”


2 Comments to “BioWillie: On the road again”

  1. How cool! Willie is da MAN. Have you heard about his latest song, Cowboys Are Secretly Frequently Fond of Each Other? Just released on the heels of Brokeback Mountain, for which Willie contributed a song, “He Was A Friend of Mine.” Willie has such compassion and tolerance, and his braids are pretty cool, too.

  2. Great write-up. I agree and I too am not sure how I feel about corn ethanol. It’s a start at least and FFVs are definitely a better alternative than the big gasoline guzzlers that are on the road.

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