Farm Fresh Rhode Island

by Caroline Brown

I didn’t have time for a long post today, but I wanted to follow up on a post from a few days ago about online tools for finding local farms and growers. Here’s at tip for locals.

If you’re in Rhode Island (or even in eastern Conn. or southern Mass.), check out Farm Fresh Rhode Island, a non-profit organization that’s a collaboration between Brown University’s Center for Environmental Studies, Brown Dining Services, the RI Department of Environmental Management divisions of agriculture, and planning and development, and the Rhode Island Foundation. Its purpose is to link regional food producers with an expanded market–such as consumers and restaurants. They have a database of local farmers and growers that you can sort by type of food (dairy, vegetables, etc.) or by venue (farmstand, market, etc.).


One Comment to “Farm Fresh Rhode Island”

  1. The CSA organization I’m participating in here in NC has a link to U Mass-Amherst on their website:
    for a good explanation of what a CSA is all about. Obviously it’s New England-focused.

    You probably found this in your research already, but here it is anyway! Have a lovely weekend!

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