Addicted to oil?

by Caroline Brown

This isn’t supposed to be a political blog but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist the urge to comment on the idiocies of the Bush administration, especially when it’s even tangentially related to the environment. So, Bush admitted in the SOTU speech that the US is addicted to oil. Isn’t that a little bit like Colonel Tom Parker admitting that Elvis is a drug addict?

Well golly, Gomer, wonder if we should try to do something instead of just talking about it? Bush (surprise) announced no concrete plans, only stated the obvious, and he still hasn’t ‘fessed up to the existence of global warming. Must be an election year. What a loser…but I guess the real losers are a whole bunch of dead Iraqis and American soldiers, poor people, so-called American democracy, and those of us who never voted for him and never supported his deficit-building, war-making policies. Sorry, but if you voted for Bush, you’re gettin’ what you deserve right now.

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